Why a Psychiatric Exam Might Be Needed?

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Mental health has always been a difficult topic to discuss. Many people are ashamed of admitting they have mental health problems, while others don’t even know that there might be something wrong with them in the first place. A mental evaluation can be beneficial in finding out if you are experiencing some form of mental illness. If you are considering getting a psychiatric exam and would like to know when and why it might be needed, then read on.

What Psychiatric Evaluation?

A psychiatric evaluation is a medical examination to determine the mental health of an individual. This can be done by a psychiatrist, psychologist, or other licensed professional. Some people may need this evaluation for disability or criminal reasons, while others might want one for peace of mind.

Types psychiatric evaluations

There are different types of psychiatric evaluations, and they involve everything from medical checkups to mental health screenings. Most of them are used in clinical or medical settings, while a court may request some for legal reasons. Each type of evaluation has a different purpose and can help a psychiatrist make different determinations about your mental health.

Some common types of psychiatric evaluations include:

1. Emergency psychiatric evaluation

This is a medical screening performed on people who suffer from recent trauma or the effects of drug use. This type of evaluation is done in an emergency room or urgent care center. The doctor checking you will use this evaluation to determine if you need immediate medical attention, should be transferred to a psychiatric unit, or have other needs that need to be met right away.

Below are some reasons an emergency psychiatric evaluation may be requested;

  • When an individual is uncooperative and agitated
  • A person shows self-injurious or violent behaviors
  • When a person is marked hallucinating or confused
  • When an individual poses a threat to other people or self.
2. General psychiatric evaluation

A general psychiatrist evaluation is mainly used to determine what diseases or mental disorders you might have if any. It is also conducted for things like employment screenings, disability claims, and in some legal cases. A general psychiatric evaluation can determine the mental fitness of an individual when they need to perform specific tasks or when they may require a doctor’s note.

A general psychiatry evaluation may include things like:

  • Review of symptoms
  • Physical examination to rule out other health problems
  • Lab tests to check blood count
3. Clinical consultation

A clinical psychiatric evaluation to diagnose, manage or treat a suspected or existing behavioral issue or a mental disorder. Some reasons to under this evaluation include;

  • Assess your capability for consenting to treatment decisions
  • Assess particular symptoms or signs that may show a mental disorder
  • Determine the best type of medication for your condition
  • Gather information supporting a diagnosis
  • Assessing your ability to stand trial.


Mental illness is a condition that affects many people. The bad news is that mental illness has been increasing in recent years; the good news is that there are treatments available for most mental disorders. A psychiatric exam can help you find out if you have a psychiatric disorder and/or determine potential treatment options. Most of all, it can assist you in dealing with this issue early on and prevent it from getting worse.

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