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Uncertainty is eliminated through technology. As before, smartphones give us unprecedented access to and control over our environment and consumption. We can remain engaged in a controlled world of our choosing for extended periods. There are few jobs left that do not demand regular use of a computer; social media has brought individuals from all over the world together, and the Internet has risen to become the primary source of knowledge. In a variety of ways, technology is advantageous. We have access to vital knowledge at our fingertips, and we can communicate with individuals all over the world through the Internet. However, there are several instances in which modern-day technology might contribute to an increase in technology related anxiety.

In some respects, Facebook has taken the role of evening news as the primary source of information on global and national affairs. Instagram and YouTube have spawned an altogether new breed of celebrity. In contrast, the widespread availability of picture editing software has enabled a new generation of models to appear impossibly faultless when photographed in the traditional sense. The world has become wired, and with the introduction of smartphones, most people are connected to the virtual world from the minute they get up in the morning, if not before. Excessive technology use has been connected to various health harms, including stress, sleeplessness, worry, and sadness, and some of the most helpful aspects of the digital age are also the root cause of these key issues. This anxiety that comes with social media use has made many people seek treatment for anxiety.

Social anxiety is the dread of being exposed and assessed as being inadequate in some way. And social media is the perfect tool for pressing all of those buttons. In the short term, having the ability to manage and control our digital lives may provide us with a sense of relief. The long-term effect of curating and filtering, and the impression control that goes into them, is that we begin to believe that any approval we receive is more for our “brand” than for us as genuine human beings. People spend their entire life on social media, and they are subconsciously preoccupied with the number of likes their postings acquire.

Constant contact with the internet world also opens the door to cyberbullying, a form of harassment. In many instances, the victim is powerless to defend themselves. In severe circumstances, some teenagers have been cyberbullied to the point where they have contemplated taking their own lives.A generation of teenagers and youngsters has grown up feeling alienated and lonely due to the harmful effects of social media on real-life interactions. The anxiety that comes as a result has made some their lives while some treatment for anxiety early enough. Social media not only interferes with genuine relationships but also provides kids with just enough interaction with their peers that they are less likely to seek out real connections because they believe they are getting the connection they require, at least in the early stages of their lives.

Everyone experiences anxiety in a different manner, and everyone interacts with technology differently. Technology may be completely good for some people. Still, it may also contribute to high levels of stress and poor mental health in others, depending on their circumstances. For those who feel overwhelmed by society, it is advisable that you seek treatment for anxiety before the situation aggravates. Technology can be beneficial to one’s mental health in other ways as well. It has the potential to bring about a tremendous lot of good, but it also has a dark side that far too many people choose to dismiss with a smile.

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