OCD: How To Manage Your Daily Life

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OCD, also known as an obsessive-compulsive disorder, is a common mental illness that most people can get at any age. Some people know that they have it before they are diagnosed with it. If you have a feeling that you could have OCD, there are signs and symptoms to be aware of so you know for sure. Finding treatment for OCD will help you get the diagnosis you need.

Signs and Symptoms

A person isn’t born with OCD. It could have been passed down to you from your parents or grandparents. It will just happen one day and you may not notice you’re acting on your thoughts until people bring them to your attention. These signs and symptoms will help you to decide if you need to seek different treatment options. You may start to feel like you have different rituals. For example, one of your rituals may be opening and closing the door three times before walking outside. Something in your head will click as if telling you that you have to do it before you can continue onto anything else. Your hands may start to shake or you may start to sweat. Another example could be related to hygiene. You may start washing your hands after everything you touch. That’s a normal reaction if you’re sick. If you do this daily, it’s something to seek help.


You will know when you need to start finding treatment for OCD when it consumes your life and you can’t take it anymore. Other people around you will also start to get worried about your actions. There are special OCD centers out there, where you can meet a therapist. They may have you backtrack your life from the moment you started behaving the way that you are. If you can’t remember, they may try a hypnotic treatment to help you retrieve those memories. They may also help you find some home remedies that may help you and get you back on track such as meditation. Meditating will help relax you and your mind so you are calmer. Whether you are on medication, doing home remedies, or seeing a therapist regularly, your mental illness will take time to get over.


There are certain scans that doctors can give you as well to see your brain activity. An MRI, a PET, or a CT scan will show what areas of the brain your OCD thoughts are coming from as long as you’re having OCD thoughts in the exam room. The technologist will discuss the results with your doctor if possible and your doctor can refer you to a therapist.

Having OCD is a mental illness that cannot be cured in one visit. It will take time for you to implement a new and healthy routine. By following these signs and symptoms you should be able to tell if you have OCD or not. Finding the treatment for OCD will get you the help you need to make sure you don’t live with this forever.

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