Trauma Therapy in Chandler, AZ

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Psychological trauma is a reaction to an occurrence that threatens your safety and leaves you feeling helpless. During a traumatic experience, the body’s natural defenses take over and trigger a stress response known as the fight or flight response, which causes a variety of physical symptoms as well as a significant emotional response. As the mind processes the incident, the symptoms of trauma normally fade. However, the brain might become locked in the trauma, resulting in a variety of mental health issues. For people suffering from the impacts of untreated trauma, I offer adult mental health care. Contact me today to find out how I can assist you or a loved one with trauma therapy.

Is Trauma Therapy Right for You in Chandler, Arizona?

A threat to a person’s physical safety or wellness is common in traumatic experiences. Even without the fear of bodily harm, any incident or situation that leaves someone feeling alienated, afraid, or overwhelmed can cause trauma. Bullying, emotional abuse, the death of a loved one, and major life events like divorce, for example, have all been cited as sources of trauma. Trauma therapy can be helpful for people who have suffered:

Physical abuse or neglect

Sexual assault or exploitation

Chronic conditions

Accidents and serious injuries

Natural catastrophes

War related trauma

Being a witness to or a victim of a violent crime

Witnessing incidents that bring harm to others can be traumatic, especially if it occurs repeatedly. Children who witness domestic abuse, persons who live in warzones, firefighters, EMTs, police officers, and hospital personnel are all susceptible to this form of trauma. The subjective response to the incident, not the objective conditions, determines whether or not it is traumatic. A person’s reaction and how they process an incident is the cause of trauma, not the incident itself.

Signs and Symptoms of Trauma

Trauma has far-reaching consequences that affect all aspects of life and are very individualized. Even if a horrific event is shared by many people, each person will react differently. However, there are several physical and psychological signs and symptoms of trauma that include:

Confusion or inability to concentrate

Anger, irritation, or mood swings

Fatigue and sleep problems, such as insomnia and nightmares

Being easily shocked, concerned, or afraid

Body pains and headaches

Social isolation or withdrawal

Sad, despondent, distant, or numb

Many people, especially those who have undergone mental, physical, or sexual abuse, feel guilty, ashamed, or blame themselves. I am here to provide you with compassionate care in Chandler, Arizona.

Why Is Trauma Treatment So Important?

Trauma is emotionally and psychologically painful and causes physical changes to the brain. Proper treatment can help with these symptoms. Untreated trauma often leads to mental health disorders such as PTSD and other anxiety disorders, depression, and substance use disorders. Effective trauma treatment can help:

Reduce or eliminate the symptoms of trauma

Shift focus from the past to the present

Process past trauma without being stuck in it

Overcome substance use disorders associated with trauma

Improve daily functioning

Learn to identify and cope with triggers in healthy ways

Improve communication skills and foster healthy relationships

Contact Me Today in Chandler, Arizona

Reaching out for help for your trauma can feel scary. I provide a welcoming atmosphere where your sense of safety, security, and wellbeing is my top priority. Trauma therapy in Chandler, Arizona can help you address traumatic events and process your feelings and emotions to overcome the symptoms holding you back in life. To learn more, contact me today.