Protecting Your Mental Health During The Holidays

family enjoying thanksgiving together

Thanksgiving is among the long-awaited celebrations that no one wants to miss. Families and friends gather and share a nicely-prepared turkey while reminiscing on the best memories of the year. However, your year could have been tough, making you experience mental health issues during the Thanksgiving period. Therefore, it’s vital to also think about your mental health while prepping for the holiday. Here are some tricks you can consider to protect your mental health during the holidays.

5 Tips on Protecting Your Mental Health this Holiday Season

  • Create a Simple Gratitude List

Sometimes, you may face issues that can negatively affect your partying mood. You can’t have that during Thanksgiving when it’s crucial to be at your best to give thanks and be grateful. It’s easy to turn your bad mood around by creating a gratitude list. Note down something that made you feel good during the year, for instance, the support you always received from a family member or friend. Bringing in good thoughts will likely cheer you up.

  • Stick to Your Normal Routine

Thanksgiving can get pretty busy, making you forget to honor your day-to-day activities. If you’ve been receiving mental health treatment, it’s best to stick to what the professional told you. Don’t forget to take your medication, if any, since it could greatly impact your mental health. You could set alarms or reminders on your phone or tablet and have a beep remind you whenever it’s time for the next dose. Well, partying could keep you busy and forgetful!

  • Keep Your Therapist on Call

Managing mood disorders during the Thanksgiving period can prove challenging at times, especially since many triggers could surround you. It’s ideal to consult with your mental health treatment specialist and develop a mental health wellness plan. The therapist can help you figure all your triggers, develop coping techniques, and generate a list of people you can turn to when things go south.

  • Spare Some Self Time

It would be best if you created some alone time before the onset of Thanksgiving to relax your mind. Don’t be one to make the festivities a big deal that it’s impossible to find some alone time. You can easily bury yourself in ongoing preparations such as updating decorations and making recipes that you forget to care for your mental health. You could turn off your phone and sneak out for a walk with your favorite family dog around the yard before the party starts. Or, toss a football in the backyard and unwind for a while before the feast begins.

  • Set Boundaries

At some point during the feast, some visitors may say things that offend you and trigger stress. Make it clear that you’re uncomfortable with the subject and politely ask these people to quit talking about the subject. If it doesn’t work, you could excuse yourself from the dining table. Surrounding your space with good energy is a sure way of protecting your mental health.

Get Professional Assistance Today!

Sometimes, stress, depression, or anxiety can creep in unexpectedly and make it difficult to enjoy your festive season. That’s why you need mental health care during such times. I can help you manage your mental health during the holidays. With more than 12 years in the mental health industry, you can bet you’ll be in safe hands. Check my website to find out more about our services.