Managing Anxiety Related To Time

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Many individuals struggle with managing anxiety related to time and simply cannot cope with time constraints. It places huge amounts of stress on the individual and causes them to experience major bouts of anxiety.

Luckily there are a series of steps that can be applied to prevent an individual from experiencing high amounts of anxiety related to time. Many people seek professional treatment for anxiety as a result.

There are a few tell-tale signs of anxiety that are related to time. Firstly, an individual will constantly feel the need to rush, these individuals are always concerned about being late, regardless if the person leaves well in advance they may still experience anxiety related to time, and it will leave the individual with an uneasy feeling when they are unable to accomplish all of their daily, weekly, or even monthly tasks.

Fortunately there are a few tricks that can easily be applied that will help an individual deal with managing their anxiety.

Speak to a therapist

Find a therapist that you trust. Try to always be as honest as possible when it comes to talking about your feelings. A therapist can help you analyze your feelings and even the reason behind them. They will explore a variety of professional treatments for working through your anxieties.

Therapy can be useful when it comes to feeling apprehensive about not fulfilling your full potential. Professional treatment for anxiety can help you deal with and explore these feelings in a safe environment.

Create meaning in your life

Find a hobby that you believe is important and adds value to your life to spend your time efficiently that will help you deal effectively with time-related anxiety. If you don’t find your career fulfilling you might possibly want to consider changing to a different career that adds meaning to your life.

You will start feeling more accomplished and at ease once you find something you’re passionate about.

Imagine the worst-case scenario

If you are feeling annoyed that you’re running a few minutes late to an event, try to interrupt your distress by keeping calm and asking yourself “Does it really matter if it will last for a few hours anyway?”

By doing this, you allow yourself to experience the feelings that may cause you anxiety and you won’t stress yourself so much to the point where you won’t even enjoy the event, once you do get there.

Obviously, showing up late for a job interview is more serious but people normally understand emergencies. If something does come up that affects your immediate arrival, remember that you can always call beforehand and explain why.


If you tend to get anxious when thinking about the future and how things will turn out, try focusing on the present moment. Set daily goals that aren’t overwhelming but are achievable. This will draw your attention back into the present and away from the possible future event that you may imagine to be very negative.

If you practice these steps day-to-day it can help with managing your anxiety. Be patient and gentle with yourself as you can only do so much.

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